Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I heated my oil & butter too soon and the crumbs burned, so make sure yours look like these & turn the heat down!

Wallenbergare (Swedish Recipe)

1 lb. ground veal
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper
4 egg yolks
1 c. heavy cream

Mix everything together adding one egg yolk at a time.  Shape into patties and chill at least ½ hour.  Heat 2 T. butter and 2 T. oil in an electric skillet.

Take chilled patties and pat with: 2 – 4 T. white bread crumbs
Cook until done (I used a meat thermometer and it took about 12 minutes to cook, turning once.)

This recipe made about 8 burgers so I froze some of the uncooked patties to cook later separating each burger with waxed paper.

Serve with mashed potatoes.  The Swedish recipes call for cream and butter to make your potatoes amazing!  I used 2% and had Dad mashed the potatoes the old fashion way.


  1. That sounds good, but cooking with veal sounds scary to me.

  2. I've never used veal before, but that could be good with beef, too, maybe?

  3. Oh, and funny story, James was pounding on the computer earlier and I thought he accidentally posted a bunch of mumbo jumbo but I wasn't sure where. So when I saw the post title, I thought "Aha, that's what he did! How did he manage to post to the food blog?" And then I just laughed for 2 minutes when I realized it was just something Swedish. :)

  4. from Lorena:
    Oh, yum. How did it turn out? I guess living here I've never had the gumption to make it on my own...but I love Wallenburergare so I'm glad you have tested out a recipe so that I can make it sometime! The only sad thing is...can you find lingonberries in the States? It's always served with lingonberries here but I'd never even heard of them in the US.
    Oh, and I've always been afraid to cook with veal as well, but I you may have inspired me. What's the big deal, right?

  5. They sell lignonberries at Ikea, I'm pretty sure. :)

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  7. They also sell lingonberries at World Market. I'll let Amy & John try the ones I froze while they are here.

  8. from Lorena:
    Awesome! Thanks for the tips on finding lingonberries. I think that might be my favorite real Swedish meal.