Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kaddo Bourani (Afghani Pumpkin with Yoghurt and Beef Sauce)

Sorry for posting a link of a recipe that I haven't made yet, but Amy's pumpkin recipe got my pumpkin energy flowing and I have to link to this before I forget it. This seems a lot like the dish we love from Panshir. I'll give it a proper post and review once I've tried it. But it looks really good. I think I'll make some spinach rice to serve it with, just like at Panshir.



  1. I think Rob and I will probably go to Panjshir when he's here next week. Yummmm.

  2. Oh, how jealous I am that you can go eat a true pumpkin dish. This one sounds pretty good, too. I may have to try it! I told John we're having a pumpkin dish every day this month (to cure my obsession)...so far only Sunday has made the cut, but we have had homemade pumpkin cookies every day. They're healthy, right? :)