Friday, August 16, 2013

Deluxe Grilled Ham & Cheese with Jam

Okay, I know this isn't a real "recipe," but this quick and easy version of the grilled cheese sandwich has changed my view on the American staple. I don't think I can ever eat a grilled cheese sandwich without jam, ever again.

2 slices of sour dough bread (or more if you're making this for multiple people)
Slices of cheddar cheese (or whichever kind of cheese you prefer)
Several slices of thin cut deli ham
Raspberry or strawberry jam
butter for spreading on bread

We all know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich, so I won't elaborate on the instructions, but before you grill the sandwich, add a big slab of jam to the side of bread that touches the ham. It sort of makes this taste like a Monte Cristo sandwich, which is one of my all time favorites, but this takes 1/10 of the time and is still incredibly tasty. The added grilled fruit burst is delicious!

I discovered this gem when trying to figure out easy things to make after we both got off work. Isaac is one of the most impatient eaters I know. "If you can't make it in 30 seconds, it's not worth waiting for," kind of mentality. So, I've had to learn how to whip up some really quick, easy things, otherwise he makes his own creations (which aren't good). I actually made this for myself one night, after I came home from work and Isaac had been home for a while and had already made himself "cheesy bread"... microwaved bread with slices of cheese on it. Boring. So, I came up with this for myself, and ooohed and ahhed over it the whole time I was eating it. I let him have a bite, being the nice wife that I am, and he wanted his own.  It's just good. That is all. Try it some time if you're not in the mood to make something elaborate, but are in the mood to eat something delicious!


  1. Yuuuuuum! I wish I could make that at this very moment. All pork recipes are evil unattainable temptations while I am the land of kosher!

  2. Sounds like you need to invest in a crock pot. Meals will be ready and waiting when you get home. Try